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Opening of the exhibition ” Soldier of Love” by the artist Alisa Matović

22 August, 2016 @ 20:00

On Monday, 22/08/2016. 20h, Dorćol Platz, street the Dobračina 59b, will be opening of the painting exhibition “SOLDIER OF LOVE” by the artist Alise Matovic. Alisa's paintings, which consist figuration, mainly concentrate on the substance of the composition imbued with a picturesque and a certain decorative approach. The strength and beauty of her paintings reflect the atmosphere of loneliness and narrowness of today's modern society. What attract us in her paintings is the recognition of our own situation and the world around us – the fight and enjoyment in the melancholy, psychological states and emotions. Modern realism in which the drawing and colours intertwine, creating the impression of an emotional struggle.

“To preserve the hope and an optimism is the mission of all of us who have decided to take the role of a fighter, thread which is found on the faces of people, the experience of reality and endless passion that sometimes burden, focus is on the human brave enough to express their emotions and cry when it's difficult to find the joy in melancholy of loneliness”, says Alisa.

Alisa Matovic was born in 1974. in Toronto. She graduated from School of Arts in Nis and Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, department of wall painting. She works at the Art school in Kraljevo. She is exhibiting since 1999. and have participated in many group exhibitions and humanitarian actions(Svratiliste, Stari Dvor etc.). She won the prize Djordje Krstic in 2014. when she participated in the international exhibition “Art in Mind” in London.

“Alisa Matovic is an artist who learned to live for art by combining talent, knowledge and optimism. What she keeps in her paintings are human figures, woman as the main motive, on which Alisa paints various and deepest emotions. The courage to preserve on the path of art, faith in talent, creativity and commitment have enabled her to stay strong on the art scene and to transfer knowledge to younger generations in Art school in Kraljevo, where she works from 2007. Her works are found in numerous sites and virtual galleries around the world.” (“THE MAGAZINE MEN”)


22 August, 2016