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It could be easily said that no other Belgrade’s municipality has such a rich history, filled with stories and legends as Dorcol! This iconic dot of our capital stands for one of the oldest, and also most significant Belgrade municipality.

Each street, corner, house and building, are hiding history and tells a special story which needs discovering. Its diversity on such a small area that gives Dorcol specificity and cosmopolitan character.

Its no wonder why on this exact spot, their inspiration, looked for and found many Serbian creators like: Svetlana Velmar – Jankovic, Ivo Andric, Mesa Selimovic, Stevan Mokranjac and many other…

Name Dorcol originates from Turkish word and means crossroad. Crossroad of today’s streets: Cara Dusana, Kralja Petra, regarding Dubrovacka.

As North suburb, in middle ages Dorcol was a main part of the town and very important trading bond between Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria and at the time Republic of Venice.

After Belgrade became a capital of Serbia, Dorcol kept its multinational character. A place where it used to be Jewish mahala (quarter) today carries a name Jewish street, and this is just one of the examples of its multinational character. During a short Austrian occupation, in the lower Dorcol was prince Eugen of Savoy’s court headquarters.

Quarter who is history for itself, its secrets hide in underground tunnels, while old low houses and narrow street have been substituted with tall modern buildings!

Nevertheless ,some parts of Dorcol, although disappearing, resemble the old look of this beautiful area of Belgrade which everyone should get to know. Adventure of new encounters can start!